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Dog at shelter died from pneumonia | Health

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Dog at shelter died from pneumonia
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Dog at shelter died from pneumonia

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga -- It was pneumonia that killed a dog at the Gwinnett County animal shelter. That finding was from the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine which conducted a necropsy on the dog.

Four more dogs became ill with an upper respiratory illness that has forced the shelter to close. In total, 23 dogs have developed symptoms, but shelter officials said their health is rapidly improving.

The test results quelled earlier fears that the dogs had developed Canine Influenza. The results of the necropsy confirm the dead dog tested negative for influenza and Bordatella, more commonly known as kennel cough.

Nevertheless, shelter officials have quarantined some 150 dogs in the animal shelter until further tests determine what caused the pneumonia. "Animals that are in this building will stay in this building," said Director Chip Moore. "Nothing is leaving. Nothing incoming, nothing outgoing."

Moore originally estimated the shelter would be closed for four days. He now says
it could be closed as long as two to three weeks.

The dogs that are sick have developed a cough and have a discharge from their nose. The dogs in the shelter have been treated with antibiotics and Director Moore said it appears that they are easing some of the symptoms.

In the meantime, a long-term secondary shelter will be opened later this week. "All shelter operations will transfer over there," Moore said. All routine shelter operations will transfer to the secondary facility, including adoptions and owner reclaims.

The primary facility will remain closed while the dogs are being treated. "This shelter is going to remain closed until the veterinarians have assured me that we're ready," Moore said.

Health, News, Pets