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Make sure you lock your car - even if it's in your driveway | News

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Make sure you lock your car - even if it's in your driveway

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - Ashley Cox thought she had nothing to worry about last Tuesday night. After all, her car was in her own driveway. That's why she left it unlocked.

That is also why she never heard anyone get inside.

"My wallet was in my car, the computer I was using for work, all the gift cards and social security cards in my purse," she said.

Not to mention a diamond ring and a North Face coat - all gone.

"We actually see quite a few of these car break-ins," said Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Jake Smith.

And it's not just in Gwinnett County. Last July, we showed you a series of break-ins at an Atlanta apartment complex. The next month, it was the same thing - but in a Cherokee County subdivision. Then, in October, teachers were the target of an eight-car break-in at an East Point middle school.

"They're almost doing it for the rush," Smith said. "The excitement of doing it as much as any criminal gain."

Smith says officers see even more of these crimes in the summer months, because they're often committed by teens.

But, like Ashley, you can get hit at any time.

Something police cannot say enough - always lock your doors, no matter where you are parked.

And if there's anything of value in your car, just be safe and take it out.


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