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Neighborhood fearful after attempted abduction | News

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Neighborhood fearful after attempted abduction

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Gwinnett county Police are investigating what they are calling an attempted child abduction of a young boy in Lawrenceville.

The mother of the young boy is afraid of speaking publicly about what happened just a week ago, at least until someone is caught or the matter is sorted out. She said the incident began innocently enough - her son was playing basketball in the front yard of their home when a black truck pulled up. A man jumped out and chased her son back inside the house.

She says once her son told her what happened, she raced outside, but by then the truck had already driven off.

She said she called police, but said she found it a bit challenging to get them to file an official report. She said officers told her the description was simply "too vague" - a black truck with no make or model and no license plate number.

Since that point, neighbors said they have seen a similar truck lurking in the neighborhood. And now, those neighbors say they are very afraid.

"I think I'm going to continue to take him to the bus stop until we figure this thing out," said neighbor Monette Boaz, speaking of her own child. "I don't know between the two, if they're connected, but just knowing that there are people down here, where we are that we don't know, at any point in time. It just puts you on alert."

The boy's mother says that several days later, officers returned to her house to file an official police report after she had spoken with a local newspaper. The community has spread the news through their local homeowners' association. They said they remain vigilant and on guard.


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