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Trapper will try to snag alligator living in Gwinnett County lake | News

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Trapper will try to snag alligator living in Gwinnett County lake

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - Neighbors around Dunlin Lake in Lawrenceville are going to take another shot at evicting a 3 ½ foot alligator.

Neighbors say they've been watching the alligator grow for about three years.

"Before, he was so small he couldn't harm children or animals," said Michelle Hughes. "Three feet is a good sized gator."

The neighborhood association has hired a professional trapper after hearing concerns of neighbors around Dunlin Lake.

Wildlife officials believe the alligator was kept illegally as a pet by someone who abandoned him. Because the Georgia Department of Natural Resources doesn't consider an alligator to be a nuisance until they're 4-feet or larger, the neighborhood has turned to private trappers.

Concerned neighbors are not only concerned that the alligator is going to get much larger, they're also bothered by the people who continually feed the animal.

"If you're going to feed it then it's going to start coming closer to people," said neighbor Don Houchin. "As soon as they're used to being around people, that's when they're going to have problems."

Alligators aren't typically seen as far north as metro Atlanta, but it does happen once or twice a year.

The Dunlin Lake neighborhood homeowners association said it wanted to find a trapper that would catch and care for their young alligator rather than destroying it. Trappers from Southeast Reptile Rescue will be at the lake Wednesday afternoon.


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