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Suspects stole handicapped man's car | News

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Suspects stole handicapped man's car

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga -- Police are still looking for two men who stole a handicapped man’s car along with other vehicles from a custom body shop in Lawrenceville.

Professional handicapped golfer Dennis Walters was having his car customized for accessibility at QCA Customs on West Crogan Street when it was stolen early Wednesday morning.

Lawrenceville police say the suspects broke in through a door by cutting a lock and stole the Walter’s Jaguar along with a 2006 Kawasaki motorcycle, a Ford Escape, a firearm and about $3,000 in cash.

Dennis Walters lives in Florida and has been paralyzed from the waist down for 41 years. He has never let the handicap get in the way of his golf game.       He bought the 2014 Jaguar and was having custom fit doors put on so he could put his wheelchair in by himself without folding it up.

“It would be possible for me to sit in the driver’s seat and put my wheel chair in the back seat without folding it up,” he said. “Definitely a lot easier that the situation I have now.”

Late Friday afternoon the car was recovered in Jackson County. “I still don't know what condition it is in but I have my fingers crossed that it will be just fine,” Walters said.

The owner of the body shop said the suspects broke into the office and into a desk to steal the cash. “It hurts, but it's over and done with,” Ed Sanders said. “Hopefully we get things back but if not we’ll move on.”

Police said surveillance video inside the shop showed the suspects in and out of the business for several hours arousing suspicions that it may have been someone familiar with the shop. “It's still too early to say right now but it does appear that the person that was inside the business knew exactly what they were looking for and knew their way around the place,” said Detective Kevin Dyals.

Police said they have not released surveillance video publicly from inside the business because they think they know who one of the suspects is and want to question him before identifying him.


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