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Parents visit sons accused of trying to kill them | News

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Parents visit sons accused of trying to kill them

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- Two Gwinnett County brothers accused of brutally attacking their parents were visited in jail by the very people they allegedly attacked.

Police say 17-year-old Cameron Ervin and 22-year-old Christopher Ervin tried to blow up their parent's home using candles and natural gas on Sept. 5. When that plan failed, police say they stabbed their father, beat their mother and attempted to strangle both.

The brothers have been held at Gwinnett County Jail since the attack.

Yvonne and Zach visited their sons in jail on Friday, spending time separately with each for about 30 minutes.  After their visit, the parents spoke with the media, saying that "it was not our sons who did that to us."

"We want to world to know we love and forgive our sons unconditionally," Yvonne Ervin said.

The parents said the boys are doing great and that they had a great meeting. The Ervins said they are leaning on their faith in God to get them through the ordeal, and thanked the Snellville community for the support they've received. 

"God has done miraculous healing for us both mentally and physically," Yvonne Ervin said. 

The parents said that their sons understand there will be consequences for their alleged actions. Both sons are currently being held without bond. 


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