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Man charged in wife's death denied bond | News

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Man charged in wife's death denied bond

GWINNETT COUNTY, GA (WXIA) – The daughters of Matthew Leili spoke out on Wednesday in support of their father, who has been arrested and charged in the death of his wife – the girls' mother.


On Thursday, a judge denied him bond, which means he will stay in jail.

Matthew Leili's 16-year-old daughter traveled to Georgia from Vermont in an effort to get her dad out of jail. Her message on video trumpets her belief that her dad is innocent, but prosecutors insist she has been swayed by her dad's influence.

"We want our dad home," she said. "It's where he needs to be."

Prosecutors and police paint a different picture.

Nique Leili's body was discovered in July 2011 under the most heartbreaking of circumstances – a search organized by her parents ended with their worst fears coming true.

Prosecutors say Matthew Leili failed to report his wife's disappearance for days, then refused to cooperate with police.

Shortly before her death, Nique Leili claimed her husband would not let her leave the house. Police responded, but no charges were filed at that time.

Their daughter insists that her dad was never abusive, and that the recording and release of her video was all her idea.

Prosecutors got her to admit that she used video and information from her father's computer. They also claim Matthew Leili did not allow his daughters to speak to police until a month after their mother's death.

Judge Randy Rich ruled Leili had the potential to influence witnesses and was also a flight risk. The judge ordered Leili back to jail.

Leili's attorney says the state has a circumstantial case. Prosecutors conceded that, but insisted they have a lot of evidence.



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