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Sign pointing to Ga. Gwinnett College has misspelling | News

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Sign pointing to Ga. Gwinnett College has misspelling
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Sign pointing to Ga. Gwinnett College has misspelling

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga.-- The new Collins Hill Bridge on Highway 316 came in with a $52.7 million price tag. Apparently, that cost didn't cover an extra "N".

A sign at the new exit points to one of the state's fastest growing places of higher education, Georgia Gwinnett College. However, the sign spells the county as "Gwinett," without that second "N".

Sharp-eyed motorists spotted the misspelling before college and transportation officials noticed the mistake.

Natalie Dale, a GDOT spokeswoman, told 11Alive's Commuter Dude the misspelling was a "human error." The signs are done manually, and several other signs in the area pointing to the college are spelled correctly.

Dale said the sign will be taken down and re-lettered, or a completely new sign will be put up. If the old sign is replaced, it will be recycled. Too bad. Some Georgia Gwinnett graduates with a good sense of humor could find a good use of the short-lived sister "Gwinett".

Dale said the fix will cost some time, but won't cost any extra money since the sign will be re-used.

Sally Ramey, a spokesperson for the college, pointed out those signs are all manufactured and erected by GDOT, without any involvement from them. Ramey said she's confident GDOT will fix the error soon.

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