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Metro Atlanta neighborhoods hit hard by foreclosure | News

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Metro Atlanta neighborhoods hit hard by foreclosure
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Metro Atlanta neighborhoods hit hard by foreclosure

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- Georgia is among the top three states for zip codes with the highest foreclosure rates, according to a new article published by CNNMoney.

The Peach State joins Florida and Illinois at the top of the list, displacing Arizona, California and Nevada.

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And a Gwinnett County suburb has the zip code with the highest foreclosure rate in the U.S.

According to the CNNMoney article:

In Lawrenceville, Ga. (zip code 30045), nearly 13% of homes -- 1 out of every 8 -- received some kind of foreclosure notice last year, making it the hardest hit zip code in the country. This suburb of Atlanta has seen home prices plunge by more than 40% from the early 2006 peak, according to real estate site Zillow.

A high percentage of homeowners in Lawrenceville bought near the top of the market, when home prices topped out at a median of about $193,000. When prices plunged during the recession, many of those homeowners owed more than their homes were worth and many wound up in default.

Several more of the 100 hardest hit neighborhoods are in metro Atlanta. See the CNNMoney map.

No. 2: Zip Code 30349
Southwest Atlanta
1,661 foreclosures in 2012

No. 16: Zip Code 30016
1,374 foreclosures in 2012

No. 17: Zip Code 30135
1,309 foreclosures in 2012

No. 22: Zip Code 30043
1,253 foreclosures in 2012

No. 23: Zip Code 30039
1,238 foreclosures in 2012

No. 24: Zip Code 30052
1,232 foreclosures in 2012

No. 59: Zip Code 30281
1,025 foreclosures in 2012

No. 62: Zip Code 30294
1,023 foreclosures in 2012

No. 72: Zip Code 30038
980 foreclosures in 2012

No. 74: Zip Code 30331
977 foreclosures in 2012

No. 77: Zip Code 30127
Powder Springs
961 foreclosures in 2012

No. 78: Zip Code 30157
961 foreclosures in 2012

No. 84: Zip Code 30253
942 foreclosures in 2012

No. 85: Zip Code 30228
938 foreclosures in 2012

No. 90: Zip Code 30238
931 foreclosures in 2013

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