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Holiday trash poses risks | News

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Holiday trash poses risks

LAWRENCEVILLE - When Angelo Isaac was bringing gifts to the family home in Lawrenceville he wasn't really thinking about the trash. However, that's what Neighborhood Watch groups would like you to do this holiday season.


"Cause they know what's in your house, they know if you got that new 60 inch or that new ipod or what not," Isaac said.

He was talking about thieves who scope neighborhoods looking for packaging for expensive items.

We visited his family home as they were opening up gifts to talk about some of the precautions to take to after the gifts are all opened.

  • Hide packaging for expensive items by breaking it down and bagging it up.
  • Consider taking large boxes to the recycling yourself
  • Put trash out on pickup day

It's also a good time to take inventory of all those expensive gifts.


"My sister was robbed," Jennifer Hill told us.

"Her house was robbed and she wasn't able to get the insurance on her valuables and everything because she didn't have everything written down."

  • Keep your receipts
  • Write down product names and serial numbers
  • Take pictures
  • Put all the information in a safe place

We wish you and your family a safe and secure holiday!




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