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A Treasure of Toys From 1930's Discovered at Bethesda Elementary | Education

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A Treasure of Toys From 1930's Discovered at Bethesda Elementary

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- A treasure trove is discovered at one local elementary school. And, with the iPad, the Nintendo Wii and MP3 players all over the place - this most recent discovery still proves that you can never go wrong with a good old fashion wooden toy.

"We have an old wheel of fortune game that they used to use back in the days," said Deborah Harris.

It's enough to have an historian spinning in a circle of fun while enjoying some old school entertainment.

"Old tricycles and we also have some scooters," said Harris.

A rare - but classic find of games for children - dating back to the early 1930's.

"A school bus and a truck," said Harris.

The items were discovered over the weekend by Principal Harris and her staff here at Bethesda elementary in Gwinnett county.

"This is where the kitchen - this was the cafeteria," said Harris.

They were cleaning out a storage area in the basement of the historic gymnasium.

"It's been a storage area for years," said Harris. "And so, now, we're going to have an air conditioning unit and they have to put it under the gym because of the rafters. They can't put it up there."

So, instead of tossing the English books from 1930. The school will showcase them at the elementary school. 

"What I wanted to do was to make sure that we salvaged and preserved Bethesda's history," said Harris."Get it salvaged - refurbished - so we can display it in the school for everyone to see."

A story that will now be shared for even more generations to come.

"And, a basketball goal," said Harris. "I think I could do a slam dunk on that one."

A chance to score even more victories when it comes to preserving the history of such a fine institution.

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