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Grand jury indicts parents of Emani Moss

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- A Gwinnett County grand jury has indicted the parents of Emani Moss, the 10-year-old Lawrenceville girl who was starved to death and then burned in a trash can.

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Eman and Tiffany Moss, the little girl's father and stepmother, were indicted Wednesday on six counts each -- murder, concealing a death, and two counts each of felony murder and first-degree cruelty to children.

The couple has been jailed since November, when Emani's body was found.

Follow 11Alive's coverage of the death of Emani Moss and the campaign to hold DFCS accountable for the deaths of several innocent Georgia children.  Sign the petition here.

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Make sure you lock your car - even if it's in your driveway

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - Ashley Cox thought she had nothing to worry about last Tuesday night. After all, her car was in her own driveway. That's why she left it unlocked.

That is also why she never heard anyone get inside.

"My wallet was in my car, the computer I was using for work, all the gift cards and social security cards in my purse," she said.

Not to mention a diamond ring and a North Face coat - all gone.

"We actually see quite a few of these car break-ins," said Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Jake Smith.

And it's not just in Gwinnett County. Last July, we showed you a series of break-ins at an Atlanta apartment complex. The next month, it was the same thing - but in a Cherokee County subdivision. Then, in October, teachers were the target of an eight-car break-in at an East Point middle school.

"They're almost doing it for the rush," Smith said. "The excitement of doing it as much as any criminal gain."

Man surrenders after standoff in Loganville

LOGANVILLE, Ga. -- A Loganville man was charged with aggravated assault and terroristic threats and acts after he held off a SWAT team for a time Wednesday morning.

A Gwinnett County police spokesperson said at around 9:30 a.m., an officer arrived at the home on Mountain Park Run in the Haynes Creek subdivision in Loganville.  

The spokesperson said a man looked out the window and said, "What are you doing here?" and then fired shots at the officer.

Gwinnett SWAT arrived and evacuated eight neighboring homes.

Negotiations were unsuccessful for an hour and a half and then the man looked out the window, held his hands up and peacefully surrendered.

No one was injured. 

The man -- Kelvin Gourick, 54 -- was arrested when he came out of the home. Gourick was the only person in the home.

Message from GDOT: Turn off your sprinklers!

Message from GDOT: Turn off your sprinklers!

(WXIA) -- The Georgia Department of Transportation is reminding north Georgia residents to be mindful of temperature drops and to turn off their sprinkler systems.

GDOT released this statement Wednesday morning:

Every winter, we have icing issues due to automatically-timed sprinkler systems left on overnight in freezing temperatures. They can create a very hazardous condition for motorists the next morning.

Automatic sprinkler systems are often timed to operate at night, and when spray from the sprinkler is blown onto the road or water drains onto the road, black ice is formed, creating a hazard for motorists.

The Department urges residents and businesses to take a moment and ensure that automatic sprinkler systems are turned off. With sub-freezing termperatures on the way, motorists are cautioned to be on the lookout for icy patches or black ice, especially early in the morning.

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Ga. Connections Academy accepting applications until Feb. 27

Ga. Connections Academy accepting applications until Feb. 27

(WXIA) -- Sometimes a student is forced to change schools mid-year.

If a child is a promising athlete, a working performer or encounters some type of health issue, online school gives him the flexibility he needs to heal, practice and/or travel.

Georgia Connections Academy, a fully accredited K-12 online school, is now accepting applications for mid-year enrollees in grades K-11. The school allows students to learn at their own pace, be it faster or slower than traditional school.

Visit connectionsacademy.com for more information about the school and to sign up a child. Parents can also call the school at 678-825-3258.

Late enrollment ends Thursday, Feb. 27.

Neighborhood fearful after attempted abduction

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Gwinnett county Police are investigating what they are calling an attempted child abduction of a young boy in Lawrenceville.

The mother of the young boy is afraid of speaking publicly about what happened just a week ago, at least until someone is caught or the matter is sorted out. She said the incident began innocently enough - her son was playing basketball in the front yard of their home when a black truck pulled up. A man jumped out and chased her son back inside the house.

She says once her son told her what happened, she raced outside, but by then the truck had already driven off.

She said she called police, but said she found it a bit challenging to get them to file an official report. She said officers told her the description was simply "too vague" - a black truck with no make or model and no license plate number.

Celebrating MLK Day

Celebrating MLK Day

(WXIA) -- Many metro Atlanta residents and companies chose to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by serving their communities.

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Hosea Feed the Hungry estimates it will feed 10,000 families during its MLK Day meal, which began at 10 a.m. at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park.

More than 3,000 people rolled up their sleeves to serve with Hands On Atlanta, beautifying such areas as City of Refuge and Chastain Memorial Park.

Georgia Power employees spent the day volunteering at Lutheran Towers, a housing development for seniors in Midtown Atlanta. They also assembled, labeled and distributed collection boxes at Rockdale Emergency Relief in Conyers.